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Instructions And Tips For KAILAS MANSAROVAR YATRA 2020


 List of Essential Items To Be Carried On Kailas Yatra

Identity Card

Travel Insurance

Copy of Medical Certificate

Extra passport size photos (3 nos)

Xerox copy of Passport

Sufficient sets of clothes (Ladies ,please avoid saris during parikrama, use pants or jeans)

Thermal wear


Woolen socks and Woolen Hand Gloves

Monkey Cap


Nose Mask

Water proof Walking/Trekking shoes

Ordinary chappals

Sun Glasses

Rain coat (preferably 2 pc, coat and pant type)

Small Torch

Lock for bag

1 Litre flask (Preferably steel)


Wet tissues, Toilet paper

Toilet items (Soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc)

Medicine kit with Essential Medicines,Vitamin C/Multi-vitamin


Chocolates/Lemon flavoured sweets/Mint

Vaseline/Sun cream or Lotion

Money for Personal Expenses