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For your convenience, here are the means of travel to reach Dehradun or Haridwar:


Flights are available from Trivandrum, Kochi and Kannur to Dehradun. Please choose a flight that reaches Dehradun by evening.


Reach Delhi by Train, before noon on and take flight to Dehradun to reach by evening 


Reach Delhi by Train, before noon and take another connecting train to Haridwar .


1. Your photo ID ( Adhar, Driving License , Voter ID)

You will need to show this to enter the airport and check-in. Also for check-in at hotels.

2. Your flight /train tickets

3. Thermal wear

In early mornings and evenings, temperature may fall below 10 degrees Celsius in Valley of Flowers (VOF) and Hemkund. Woollen items will be needed for VOF,Hemkund,Gangharia, Badrinath & Auli.

4. Two wollen sweaters or fleeces or wool jumpers.

5. Woolen socks and Woolen Hand Gloves

6. A woolen hat/ cap .

7. Scarf/ Muffler

8. Two pairs of trousers / pants and shirts/tops, one pair for trekking and one to wear at night.

This is for the trek to Valley of Flowers (VOF) and Hemkund. You may carry sufficient sets of clothes for the other parts of the journey. Ladies ,please avoid saris during trekking.

9. One pair of shorts/bermudas. Capris for ladies

This is optional. It will be helpful if it rains as it will not get wet at the bottom part of your pants.


You will need bags for three different purposes. First is the main big bag / Suitcase in which you will be putting all of your luggage, it can be of any type. Second bag will be the bag /Duffel bag in which you will be carrying some of your luggage from Govindghat to Ghangaira. Of course porters can be hired. The third bag will be a day pack which you will be carrying with you while trekking. These bags are explained below.

10.Duffel bag or large rucksack

You must transfer your clothes and only the essential things you need for the trek, from your main suitcase into the duffel bag.You will take this with you to the accommodation at Gangharia.

12.Daypack/ Backpack

This is a small rucksack to carry what you will need while trekking. Camera, rain coat/ waterproof jacket, water bottle, packed lunch etc.

13. Water proof Walking/ Trekking shoes.

Please avoid the cloth/canvas type, as shoes may get wet during the trek.

14. Rain coat and pants/ Waterproof jacket and pants

15. Umbrella

16. Sun glasses.  Sun shines very brightly during day time.

17. Steel flask / Water bottle

Please AVOID plastic bottles. We are devotees of Mother Nature.

18. Small torch with spare batteries. (Important).

There will be no electricity after 9 pm at Gangharia. You will need it

19. 2 Locks- one for your suitcase and another for your rooms in Gangharia and Haridwar.

20. Wet tissues, Toilet paper

21. Medicine kit with Essential Medicines,Vitamin C/ Multi-vitamin, Glucose,etc

22. Toilet items (Soap, toothpaste, mouthwash, hand sanitiser,etc)

23. Chocolates/ lemon flavoured sweets/mint. Some dry fruits likeraisins and nuts .

This is to have high energy low weight food items while trekking.  Food available in Gangharia is of limited range. So take some fruits / biscuits /bread as extras  for your breakfast and lunch for at least two days.

24.Vaseline / Sun cream or lotion

25. Money for personal expenses.

This will be needed if you want to hire ponies, porters, helicopter services, any rides, shopping, extra food that you may choose to buy, tips, shoppingunforeseen expenses, etc.  

Following is a list of OTHER THINGS that can make your journey MORE COMFORTABLE.

1. Nose mask, ear plugs-available in medical stores. This is to prevent discomfort to your nose caused by cold air and to ears due to high altitude pressure changes.

2.Ordinary chappals


4. Mobile phone

5. Camera or  mobile phone  to click the pictures. VOF has great photo options to click pics of flowers and birds. So a good camera is a plus for nature enthusiasts.

6. Charger for camera and mobile.
7. A note book and/or writing paper and pen.

8. Binoculars (optional)

9.Small towel.

10. Kneecap, ankle guard

11. Insulated mug (Thermos mug to take hot coffee or tea on your trek)

12. Instant 3 in 1 coffee mix

13. Instant drink mix powders., like Nest tea, Tang, etc

On a backpacking trip you have to drink a lot of water. Drinks like Tang provide much-needed electrolytes, salt and sugar. These drinks will be handy when drinking water from natural water sources. Ice tea powder can also be is also very tasty and a good option..

14. Pickles.

15. Feviquick, needle and thread.